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who are you taking on an adventure today?

Welcome to magic_adventure! A great place for camera whores and those entertained by camera whore-ness alike!

This started as a simple challenge in my personal journal to my Jrock friends to 'Take a JRocker on an Adventure'! Some of my other friends who don't know much about the music thought it was a great idea and wanted to play too!
So while the basis for the community will be about taking JRock plushies and dolls on adventures, you can do it with anything and post it here!

Please only post your 'adventures' or ask for help with making your adventures here.

About Adventures:

You don't need a camera or any actual plushies or dolls to have adventures. If you want to participate just make stuff up! Draw pictures (stick people count!) or use existing pictures that you already have and write adventures based on that!
I don't want to exclude anyone.

Pictures go behind a cut!! It's perfectly fine to have a medium sized picture as a teaser, but a good rule of thumb is that if it exceeds the size of the text box and throws the alignment off of the community, it's TOO BIG. If you post pictures that are too big, your post may be modified or even deleted without warning.

Just have fun, be silly, BE NICE and laugh at the antics that go on.