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Holy COW!

Okay. This community started out (And will remain in essence!) a place to show off fun little Jrock toy adventures, and also a place for me to track the adventures of Frontiers Seek for my fanbook project!

The project for Seek has GROWN!!

It started out as just a fun little thing for me to do for Seek by myself, but I opened it up a bit and let other people join in!

So far, Seek has this schedule planned for this summer!

Canada - Toronto "Anime North"
England - To see the Japanese VK band "BLOOD" perform there!
Palau (Survivor!Seek :D )
(The list starting from Barcelona is a cruise he will be taking in July with a friend of mine. I wish I could go too!)
California (White Water Rafting and Independance day!)
Hollywood (This is pending but I hope it works out!)

I decided that I'll start posting everything that happens to Seek here before it goes in the book, just so we can all keep track of it.

Anyone that would like to help or participate in anyway is welcome to! The Fanbook as it stands now will probably go out in early October.

Please keep watch here for new developments! A big post will go up in about 2 weeks with the end of Seek's first big trip to Anime North in Toronto.

And as always, please feel free to post any fun adventures you and your toys go on!

peanutxpeanut has made an awesome calendar! Link to it here: (Hope she doesn't mind if I use it publicly!)
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