The Fiyaaaaaah (thefiyaah) wrote in magic_adventure,
The Fiyaaaaaah

Magical Adventures with SEEK!

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Seek was a very unhappy Yeti when I found him.
So I thought I'd take him on a little trip!

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First I thought he might like something to eat. But he didn't want what was in the fridge.

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He wanted a banana! Or four...

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Then he found some plants to play in.

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And more!

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He thought he'd curl up with the potatoes and onions, but it wasn't very comfortable.

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So he went downstairs.

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And found much more pleasant digs with people he likes very much!
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Did you cut Seek's face out of a picture and stick it on? It looks pretty good IMO. But it still scares me!
Also, where did you find that picture of Yura-sama in the suit? I've never seen it before!
Seeks face was done by printing it out onto an iron on t-shirt transfer and then ironed onto a peice of material and then sewn into the doll itself! It is a little spooky. ;)

I bought the picture of Yura-sama as a poster from someone who prints them off large scale. I've not seen it before either!
It looks good. XD Even if it is weird, but that's our Seek!
Is there a website for whomever you bought the poster from?
It was on ebay, actually. And to be perfectly honest with you, I wouldn't do it again. They're awesome people to deal with but they charge an awful lot for a computer print out. :\ If you're still intrested anyways I can hook you up!
seek going downstairs looks great XD

I love your seeky adventures!!

uuuuuh,and the yura sama in suit pic is great...XD *drools*

can you scan it?? *puppy eyes*
I don't have a scanner!! It's also a small poster so it wouldn't fit in a scanner even if I did have one. :( It is pretty though, huh?